Mother’s Day Tribute

MOTHER!! She is someone who cannot be described in 26 alphabets…bt in this poem the poet has tried it n did a nice work!! Keep it up! 🙂


Mother was not popular like Mother Teresa
but she was no less than a Nightingale
she too nursed the sick back to health
including self and others without turning pale

she was not of a noble strain
but taught to differentiate chaff and grain
she worked without showing the strain
kept everything in order rain or shine

she was a model of selfless love
never complained of personal pain
but knew how to serve with love
and proved there is no gain without pain

she lived a life of simplicity
keeping away from all complexity
showed the value of a life of responsibility
eternally desired for divine proximity

she lovingly fulfilled her role as a mother
when it was time to wind up her life’s sojourn
silently left to the abode of her Father
leaving us grieving and hoping for her return

Mother is a mother east or west

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