Weird Relationships


It’s weird how relationships change so rapidly.
People who talked till 3 in the morning have nothing to talk about.
Its weird how friends become strangers in no time.
What’s more weird is how do absolutely nothing to bridge the rifts created.
Are we the ones to be blamed ?

Constructive criticism will be appreciated!




  1. There’s nothing more worst than losing a friend in a person who matters to the most once upon a time & now that person is nothing but a stranger…. Life changes, so does people & relationships ! Well expressed 🙂

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  2. I hate when this happens 😥 fells as though you never meant anything to the other person, and you feel sort of like. . .chewing gum. Used and thrown away.

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    • Yeah we all can connect to this cause this is how Life treats us.. kinda similar way!
      Life changes,Time changes and so does people change!
      Hey Glad to know that you liked this rather loved this..
      Thank you so much! 😊

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  3. The image is so appealing. And yes, sometimes the people are to blame, but sometimes it is situation that creates the space in between. It depends on them how they fill that space again. With friendship or just a blank space, reminding of a pleasant past.. 🙂

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  4. I think everyone goes through this in life, unfortunately. It’s a really sad part of life. It’s kind of rare finding loyal people anymore. People change or you realize who they really are. The good thing is that you eventually meet other people and life goes on.

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  5. Hey Akiraa – I have found that there are seasons to friendships. Some pass through and then it is time to part. Others remain – always. Even if you don’t meet often, the friendship is constant and the connection pure. All have a purpose. May you be blessed with an abundance of both kinds.

    I notice you have been browsing my blog – thank you for the many likes 🙂

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