Move On


Move on in your Life!
We just can’t connect the dots looking only backwards we’ll have to look ahead and that the only option you have buddy!
Have fun!
Take care..

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  1. Akiraa,
    Have you heard the speech of Steve Job’s on you tube regarding connecting the dots, if not, you must watch it, it’s very inspirational, after watching as well as listening do not forget to thank me, I don’t think for thanking me you will have any trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just joking do not take any thing seriously…………………
    Generally, I like the people of cool temperament instead of short temper, what about you?????????

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    • Hello Swajithkas,
      Yes I have heard his speech before cause I have been following him for quite a long time and yes thanks for letting me know!
      But according to me you can’t always connect the dots only looking backwards..
      Oh yes I have mentioned in another comment that I am sorry and I was not in a good mood so…
      Ohkay now I know basically you’re just telling me that I am of short temper and I have apologise to you.
      Thanks! :))

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      • Akiraa,
        “Ohkay now I know basically you’re just telling me that I am of short temper and I have apologise to you.
        Thanks! :))”
        You do not need to apologise, it happens with all of us, I know, you are very sweet,caring,sharing and humble person, in fact, I have a little bit funny nature so many a times I pass some humorous comments on my many friends blogs, so, due that habit only, I passed that comment, so, I must apologize to you that without understanding you properly I passed that comment.
        Any way, now, issue is settled, now no more sorry or thank you, just fun and plain pleasure of friendship. Ok.

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      • Akiraa,
        Now, you looks like a very sweet, funny, easy-going and mild nature baby, that’s the spirit, as you know, we do not know how many days we have in our life, so, instead of wasting that precious moments on finding faults, being unhappy on someone we should start to enjoy the each moment of life, isn’t it????, correct me if I am wrong.

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  2. I feel your this post really inspires me a lot at this moment. Thank you dear God bless you. Take care you too. I am sorry m not there on twitter. If you come to Facebook do let me know i will send you my friend request πŸ™‚

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