The Staring Game! (Active participation is required)

Be Different Buddy


This is a story of a school boy and a school girl.
Once there was a boy named Vian and was really cool,friedly and famous!
There was this girl called Mia, she was an average looking girl.
Vian and Mia met in 7th standard and they used to fight a lot! A lot more than you think. Vian used to tease her all day long and she used to get irritated but they were friends after all.. They started almost liking each other and the famous staring game started.
But then in 8th standard they got into different class but whenever they met during some classes she tried to ignore him but he teased and irritated her..
But that is how there relation was!

Then in 9th the Same thing continued but almost by the end of 9th he got a girlfriend named Sylvie and she was famous too.They…

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