The First Post Challenge


The First Post Challenge

So a while ago I was nominated for the first post chllenge by annemarie & life! Thanks a lot! Its a wonderful blog you should visit it.. The rules:

  • link your first post
  • name the type of the post
  • explain why this was your first post (reason for writing)
  • nominate fellow bloggers to participate in the challenge

So here is my first blog post ever: “Hello world!” was my First post

So basically i didn’t knew what was this all about.. i mean whats the culture how other bloggers are how to gain number of blogger etc etc.. So in my first post WP had written and i added some lines and it was done! actually i didn’t knew how to do this stuff so.. So it was a great journey and had funn!! 😀

Nomnations: Nishita13







Just Shivani

Jackie Jain

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Udit. says:

    This will be embarrassing…why couldn’t I have done a sensible first post like yours too?
    Anyway, thanks for the nomination.

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    1. AKIRAA says:

      Nope! I have a really stupid post Hello World! but that’s special cause I started my WP blog with that post so..
      My pleasure! ( I was gonna write you’re welcome but then that comment of yours where you mentioned you are not welcome and you are Udit so then I came to the conclusion of my pleasure! :p )

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Udit. says:

        Mine is worse, I’m unhappy at being in the same room as it.
        Oh, I’d forgotten about that. Guess I won’t be Udit, I’ll be Embarrassed in some time.

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      2. AKIRAA says:

        Lol! 😂
        Ohkay now am I supposed to do the same questions as you in the Real Neat Blog Award??

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      3. Udit. says:

        Sorry, I’d written them down, but hadnt posted them (talk about embarrassing lol) I’ve updated it now, right at the end of the post:

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      4. Udit. says:

        Or you could do the previous ones, I don’t really mind.

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      5. AKIRAA says:

        Nope which you gave are better.. I’ll go with that…
        Thanks! I’ll post it soon

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      6. Udit. says:

        Thank You 🙂

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  2. shiivani says:

    Yours is pretty sensible. GOD my first post is embarrassing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AKIRAA says:

      Oh I have seen that it’s better than mine..


  3. Jackie Jain says:

    Haha… That’s how the journey to wordpress starts.. Thank you for the nomination Akiraa… 🙂


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