75 Lives In A Year!

I would rather say,

“Live 75 lives in a year rather than living the same year 75 times..”  

I have seen many people living the same Boring Life and just dreaming what they are gonna do that ONE day which will not come if people just keep on dreaming!

The initial answer is NO WAY – yet so many of us do this. There may be slight changes from year to year but so many of us are on the treadmill, moving but never going anywhere. We don’t get to hit replay – THIS IS IT. So get comfortable with uncertainty, calculated risks and butterflies – this is really living. Fall in love with pushing through the fear. Fall in love with constant and neverending growth and learning. Fall in love with having no comfort zone. Fall in love with waking up everyday knowing you get a chance to be even better and more than you were the day before. And give give give. The more you give of yourself, your talents, your love and your time, the more fulfilling life becomes!

Do something which makes You Happy!

Keep Smiling! :))

Akiraa xoxo


  1. Great message! From the moment that we are born, our life “countdown timer” is ticking. The few minutes that it will take me to complete this comment can never, ever be retrieved. Putting that another way, I think that your Post is worth me using up some my limited available time to comment on. (As an aside, that is why I get rather annoyed at people who waste my time!)

    In the context of your Post, it is so sad to know people who are living as if life is eternal. They are always going to do something “one day”………..but “one day”, they will not be able to.

    If you love somebody, tell them now. If you want to help somebody, help them now. Don’t wait until a friend dies before you send flowers, do it now so that they can appreciate them. What could be worse than losing somebody close to you, and you never told them how important they were to you? What could be worse than carrying a grudge from a long time ago, and then suddenly you no longer have the choice to patch things up because they have gone. Dealing with the passing of somebody close to you is difficult enough without adding a lot of “unfinished business.”

    Life will end. It may quite possibly be without warning, or it may be after a debilitating illness … but it will end. What part of that are so many people just not getting????

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    • Hey thanks for making me feel that I am Worth your Time. It just makes me feel that Yes i do write something sensible and in some way or other it is Helping people.

      Yes it is sad that people are living as if life is eternal.. We have to go one fine day and yes our Time is also Limited! You never know the very next moment we may even Die. And who knows that “ONE DAY” is gonna come or not.

      Yes if some person is important to us we should make them feel special the way they mean to us. We should just do what we feel and what we like and not what the other person is gonna think or what the Damn Society is gonna think.
      Oh yes I completely agree that it is gonna be a hell lot difficult then we think for the “Unfinished Business”.

      I actually don’t know what part is that which people are just not getting.. Maybe they’re shy or they care how they’re gonna be judged,Or its just that they don’t want to do it i mean they don’t wanna ACT and just Dream!
      As i have mentioned earlier that I am not telling people not to dream but that don’t just Dream.. Make you DREAM you REALITY!!

      I really like your Constructive criticism! Thanks a lot for spending few mins and expressing you’re views!



      • My belief is that so many people are afraid to try something for fear of failure – Our culture celebrates successes through a very narrow vision which means most of us “fail”. An Olympic Gold Medal winner is a success, but the other competitors simply lost the event. The Bronze Medal winners are the 3rd best in the whole world, but are not generally celebrated. Just being able to qualify for an Olympic sport is, to me, successful …… but our culture does not seem to agree.

        My belief is that many people simply lack the self confidence to even try – So much is done for us that where do we learn to do things for ourselves?

        My belief is that many people are simply not prepared to commit to something which will take planning, effort and sacrifice – We have an education system and a culture which has so much to answer for, but of course it never will. That puts the onus on us to spread the word and encourage wherever possible!

        Encourage our friends to bend the rules a little; push those boundaries; experiment; set challenging goals and then give 110% to reach them; So what if we do not achieve them? So what if we “fail”?

        We simply set different goals and start again. We learn from our failures and carry on and, when we are elderly and unable to be so aggressive, we can look back at both our successes and our failures and tell the world ………”I was here and really lived……….. and I can prove it!” 🙂

        Akiraa – that’s another few minutes of my life just used up! 🙂

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      • Hey thanks for using your another set of precious mins for me and my post.

        Basically I completely agree with you,especially with the fear of Failure. I guess people are way too scared to try something new!
        Yes what if we fail man its Life and see Life is like a roller coaster and usually people enjoy the path of going down! So the same way we will also enjoy it!
        Thats what people need to understand..
        We should try to encourage and motivate as many people as possible..We have to play our part!

        Thank you so much again for expressing your views..I really appreciate it!

        Keep Smiling! :))

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