Want a Kiss Along with Your Coffee? This Human Face-Shaped Lid Gives You Both

You know that saying about how chocolate is better than sex? Chocolate is like the lover who calls you out of the blue, because they’re in the city for a couple of days, and you have a breathless couple of days together, days you will never forget—days where the end is inevitable.

And then there’s coffee. The safe, dependable lover who’ll always be waiting for you in the morning, afternoon, evening. When you’re down and need a pick-me-up, coffee’s there for you. When you’ve had a rough night, but you still need to drag yourself to work, who’s going to help you stay awake? Yes, coffee.

And when chocolate calls, who’s going to keep you up so you can make those memories? Coffee.

Source: Behance

Now, designer Jang Woo-Seok is going to make sure you can show coffee your appreciation by giving them a kiss, as well as getting one in return. His custom coffee lid is shaped like a human nose and mouth, so you can enjoy pouring that scalding hot liquid into your mouth, and feel like you’re pouring it through the lips of another person.

Source: Behance

Sounds bizarre? Woo-Seok disagrees. He came up with the idea for it after noticing that coffee lids lacked any kind of “flair.” He explains to Mashable, that while “coffee can be obtained every day, you aren’t always guaranteed a kiss.” This lid will guarantee that you now go off for your day, fortified with coffee and a hot kiss, literally.

Source: Behance

Source: Behance

Source: Behance

Why did he create it? “So I created it for my sexual desire. Just kidding,” Woo-Seok added.

Well, if the shoe fits. I mean, if the cup fits



  1. Only in the U.S could this happen, originality of the best quality.
    By the way there is an other old, “I´m like fast food, easy to get, tastes good for an hour and easy to dispose off.” I probably invented that one though, it´s about a guy and what woman use him for……. 😉


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