Story Of Many People!

P.S This post is Scheduled, I’ll be right back next month.:)
P.P.S I am missing you guys! I’ll be back soon.. till then have a look on this👇⬇🔻

Yes Buddy you need to move on with life..
You just can’t connect the dots looking only backwards you have to look forward.
We just can’t keep on dwelling in the past.

Please don’t judge people, we all have stories that the other person is not knowing.
Everybody your friend who doesn’t want to tell you if he/she has some problem, your colleague who wears this mask of being good to all,even people like the person sitting next to you in your bus or train,or the servant which you have in your house or office, or the person you just passed by;yes everybody has something or the other going on in their life but they rather choose to smile and don’t give a shit!



  1. “life is a river” I meant..and “life us not performance art..”…in addition to aforementioned comments, be what u really feel, who u really are…it saves time and trouble


    • as long as youre Union tho you’ll still get your paycheck…extras have much more flexible hrs. and r seldom prone to terrible reviews, that’s a plus…and being a protagonist in anyone’s drama is vastly overrated..its waaaay more fun to be a stagehand…or playwright.😉😎😸👏🏼🙌🏼👍🏽👌🏽


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