What From Me!??

So basically I was back from my Break few days back but I didn’t publish something.
And the best part is that I dunno what should I!! I seriously don’t know what the hell in the world should I post??!!

So I am writing this to you just to get some answers that what do you expect to get from me?

Basically what do you want me more to do?

Please do comment yes there down yes yes you got that right!
Right there down in the comment box.

I’ll be waiting for you.. 😀

Akiraa xoxo


  1. It would be nice to learn more about you; your thoughts on various things; your challenges; your regrets; your successes and your failures; your dreams ……………………. just allow us into the real you? You could be writing regular Posts for months based on the above! 🙂 Just keep it professional, informative, and be open to alternative opinions on some topics.

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    • Yeah Dear I know this is my site but all this while for the past few months I was the one who used to decide what will be published and what was supposed to be saved as draft and never ever get published but now I want to know from my audience my followers what more of they want. Yes you’re correct but that’s what was going all this while but now I want you to tell me what should I do more of!
      It’s just that.
      Thanks for your view though!

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  2. Why wouldn’t you post? As for what, I’d say post whatever your gut tells you. Make sure it doesn’t hurt the feeling of people in your life though, as I have done a couple of times, because that is a nightmare.

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  3. Akiraa, it seems as though you have come to an impasse, your blog reminds me a little bit of mine where we post on different topics at any given time, I’ll share some of my insights that took me a while to figure out with my Blog. As humans, we are curious by nature like when that new neighbour moves in we get curious, so most Bloggers want to get a sense of the person that is blogging, who they are to a little peek inside as to what makes them tick. As most here shared, they would like to know more about you, your environment.
    I had to redo the about page on my Blog three different times til I got it right which now has over 138 likes and a few shares on Twitter. Perhaps some humorous stories that have happened, I did one back in July called LEVITY -HUMOR AT MY EXPENSE. A TRUE STORY! which had 58 likes and 24 comments, or a short true story of factual events that I posted back on September 14th called CHAPMANTOWN, CA, a story of where I almost ran over my brother. It may only have 13 comments, but, on the other hand, it was shared across various social media platforms. The tribute I did about my Dad “July 1993” really got several engaged. The bottom line is that humans are a curious breed wanting to know more of the person. Other than that, post what you want to post about, for me it’s poems, short stories to other topics. I hope this helps.

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  4. I’ve also been gone from WordPress for a while … A very long while, actually, so I haven’t read your blog for months!
    I’d really like you to write about what kind of songs that make you feel good; what kind of lyrics hits you, melodies, slow or upbeat, acoustic? I’m actually up to a lot of songwriting, and I think that would give me some inspiration 😉


  5. Today I watched donnie darko for 2 hours and thought about what it meant for 5 hours… it took me another 30 mins to write the review… I was supposed to be reading and reviewing an ARC for a writer… but this movie just blew my mind…

    I’ve never done a movie before so it was worth a try..

    how about you write about something you don’t usually write about?

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