Another Dream?.. YES!!


Never be afraid to try something new, remember…

Amateurs built the arc,
Professionals built the Titanic.

It’s not always necessary to be a professional because an amateur Noah did what the engineers couldn’t do.

Dream is something which may have some timebound but actually you should go for it.  
Trust me you’ll feel better on your deathbed when your not carrying all your regrets to God.
(Here Dream is time bound  is said in the  context that you just can’t go for Bunjee Jumping at the age of 80. People may say that we can and there’s no problem;yes I too agree but we should get little realistic and nothing else)

Going to God with regrets is like telling God that the time spent on Earth was worthless cause what You wanted to do is just still pending..

Sometimes think about yourself too…
No I am not telling to ditch others but sometimes to give more importance to yourself is important! (Sometimes…)

Just start today, right now, at this very moment to follow your Dream and to achieve it! You just can’t keep on working on that dream without actually doing some work. What I mean is that you just can’t keep on thinking but to Act is also necessary

Keep Smiling! πŸ™‚


P.S Hope this helps,cause today people just easily loose their interest in what they love if they don’t progress much.
I just thought to write about this point, because today people need this.

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  1. It just hit the spot!
    In retrospect, my blogging and baking were just all part of a dream. I don’t have a proper education nor tools on both just my will. That strong will who aren’t afraid of doing mistakes and try again, that will who aren’t ashame to face the crowd of “professionals” and deal with them. I maybe amateur but i didn’t stop there, I thirst for knowledge and is not afraid to ask. Sometimes what stops us from dreaming is our Pride. Omit that and everything will fall into place.
    Thank you for writing a beautiful piece. 😊

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  2. Indeed! I mean, in my school, there is an English teacher. She’ll be retiring next year and she does scuba diving!
    Also, my maths teacher is so passionate about planes that he actually attends lessons to learn how to fly! Imagine your maths teacher flying the plan you’re sitting in πŸ‘Œ
    Dreams are achievable and inspiration is literally everywhere!
    Lovely post, Akiraa! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ


    • Thanks a lot!zπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
      Firstly I never knew you were in school. I knew you are an aspiring scientist,but I didn’t know about the school thing.
      Secondly,I really appreciate you for sharing those amazing stuff! Ah it would be great funny to scuba dive at that age and yes to sit as a passenger when your math teacher is flying is way too awesome! Sounds fun!
      You keep Smiling! πŸ™‚

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  3. I’m working at getting in touch with my followers of whom you are one dated 1/27/2016. And who exactly iss “Nisthur Anadi”? Yes….I had a dream…to live in another country…and I did it: “It Happened in New Zealand…or Was It Australia…” I thought for sure I would die when I returned to the States because my dream was fulfilled. Now I have no dream. But…you are right… I’d better find another and quick!! No regrets at the Pearly Gates! Thanks for the kick in the pants!! And stop by again!


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