A Pack Filled In Heart!


Susan Cale is just so right over here.. you come empty handed and you go empty handed when speaking materiallistically.
We as humans have so many negative feelings for other fellow humans like jealousy, ego, hatred and the list goes on..yeah I know we are humans and these feeling are just very natural but what my point here is that sometimes these feelings make a person take some really cold and ruthless decisions which may just increase their chances of going to hell  (I mean you know what I mean :p)

Why not live peacefully without any burden on your shoulders?? This is the fact of life that you’ll have to die and yo away from this world one fine day..

Let us all make sure that we spread enough positivity that when we die we are rich from our hearts!❤❤❤

Keep Smiling!
Akiraa 🙂



  1. Wow Akiraa. . That quote by Susan is awesome. . very true. As you said, we won’t take anything when we go except the things which are connected to our soul. So why to keep running for things like money, fame, status, cars which won’t be with us when we die instead of things which will be with us forever like the prayers of others, blessings of others and good things we do to others. Very well written Akiraa. Very inspiring. .

    Good evening. 🙂

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    • Well I’m glad you liked it Jackie!😊
      And by the way your comments are going to spam!😂 just go and ask in help and support section of WP. They’ll definitely help you out with this one..

      Happy Sunday!
      Keep Smiling! 🙂

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      • You are always welcome. Yes, I have contacted them for support. They will fix it soon. Thanks.

        Sorry for the late reply, I was on a 6 day trip to Pune. Have a good time. 🙂 Keep smiling. 🙂


  2. Yes, our possessions do indeed own us, heart and soul. They offer the statement of our need for value, the loss of value in primordial time. History which points to our lack. Attachment which points to our innate need to appertain, to belie what lies within. Sad legacy, but there is something better. A sweet post, I’m grateful for it. Sincere, love it..

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  3. Yup..we bring into this world only a body with a rapidly approaching expiation date and our never ending soul…the only hell that exists is the one we either encounter as part of our learning curve, but all too often the one we manage to create for ourselves–that being said, shit happens..but we decide if we’re gonna flush it or roll around on it🙀😹😹🙀😹😹


  4. So very beautiful! The quote and your words moved me. And now, all that we have in our hearts is only of value when we give it away again. The funny thing is that we actually gain even more to carry in our hearts!

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  5. After reading your posts I wanna say only one thing that………..
    I m in love with your posts. They are so good!😊
    You makes us smile😀. Take care and keep smiling😉


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