Angry With Yourself?!

This was written way long back!! Sorry it’s bit chiding I guess..😅

So yes we are HUMANS. (if you didn’t know! :p )
This post is dedicated to all those people who think that some disastrous thing happened just because of them.

Guyz this is our Life and we obviously take our decisions. We are no Gods to not to make mistakes.
So just oblige yourself and others and stop treating everyone(including yourself)around you unjustly.

You just can’t stay in the past and keep on re-living that unfortunate incident again and again. You just gotta come out of it..

I know maybe I won’t be able to understand the amount of pain you must have gone through but now don’t you think it’s high time and now you need to forget that. (Oh yeah I know how easy it is to say and how hard to do it).

Look maybe somebody Died accidently because of you and now you consider yourself the culprit, but just think about that one person whom you really care about.Don’t you think that person would like to see you happy?? Okay perhaps now Happiness does not exist in your life then at least don’t be depressed.. lead a normal life which is without being all day sad/depressed.

Perhaps if someone has touched you inappropriately and that thought just keeps on haunting you all along and now you just wanna end your life just because of that basta*d then just once think about your parents and friends the one’s who love you and care for you..
Will you still want to just commit suicide?

Above mentioned were just two examples there are many other dark incidents which don’t let people live freely.

Just ask your heart once: do you really think living in that depressed shell of yours is going to do any good to you? Are things going to get changed if you just Re-Live that moment again and again in your mind? No. It’s not going to happen.

So just accept the fact and move on.
(I know this is tough but then what will make you strong? )

P.S Now I’m no professional but I know how tough it can be for a person to come out of something. Perhaps I may be completely wrong from your point of you but this was my view.

PPS this was written way back idk maybe one year.. I really don’t know.
I surely accept CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
Feel free to comment down your views. πŸ™‚

Loads of love to you,
Akiraa πŸ™‚



  1. Life does not come equipped with edit or delete button/key, and so, the past can neither be altered nor relived. One has to simply live with one’s past and make the most out of the present not only for one’s own happiness but also for that of the others. Good post – quite inspiring! πŸ™‚

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