Blog Anniversary!!!!!!


I can’t believe this.

I completed 2 years on WordPress.

2015 was wonderful year for me but 2016 was so shitty. Omg both professionally and personally and yeah for the blog too. I was not going to continue blogging and was completely sure about ditching it but omg the amount of love and tons of messages I got from you guys. And this time I’m really serious and super excited to start over. Yep soon enough πŸ˜‰


Now 22nd February is basically just a normal day when I randomly created this blog but I kinda started it in mid May.


Lots of love and there’s more coming to your way from me.


Keep Smiling!! :))



  1. Hey, that’s what you’ve got to do, if you feel like shutting down the blog, don’t. Take a absence if you must but never shut it down. Only if you have a successful book out on the market. Because then you can start a new blog introducing the book.
    but I’m glad you have returned.

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    • OHMYGOD!!! How have you been Karuna? It’s been really really long time.. how are you?!Tell me how have you been?! You know it’s been really long since I came on WordPress but yeah I’m all excited and pumped up to start over. Tell me how have you been and what are you up to these days?!


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