Lips, Cheeks, Nails: 10 NEW Ways To Use Your Eyeshadow!

While you may already know that lipstick is the all too versatile Batman of all makeup products, you may be surprised to learn that eyeshadow has its own share of superpowers to add to your makeup game! It adds that touch of shimmer, glamour and colour to your eyes, but did you know that it can also work wonders for the rest of your face?! Read on to discover 10 AMAZING ways to use your eyeshadow!

1. Bold Those Brows

ways to use eyeshadow

Eyeshadow actually works better as a brow enhancing tool than most pencils or gels out there, if you ask us! The effect you can create is much more natural and gives your brows a great boost! Fill in your arches using a stiff, angled brush and a matte shadow that matches the colour of your brows to make short hair-like strokes. Blend out with a spoolie brush to soften the appearance of your arches.

Top Tip: Try and opt for a brown tone, even if you have dark brows, as it is better to go lighter first, and then add more colour until you get to the shade of your brow.

2. Easy Eyeliner

Whether you want a swift and sharp line, or that hazier smoky eye look, eyeshadow is your go-to item! It is especially handy when you don’t have your good old eye liner hanging around, or maybe it broke? For a stronger look, dip a damp, fine-pointed brush in a dark shadow, and apply as close to the lash line as possible. Feel free to get creative and go for the winged tip look – make your line as thick or as thin as you like.

Top Tip: Using a wet soft applicator tool, dab a cream coloured eyeshadow into the waterline to make your eyes appear brighter and bigger!

3. The Ultimate Concealer

ways to use eyeshadow

If, like us, your dark circles are such a problem for you and just don’t seem to ever disappear no matter how much or which concealer you use, eyeshadow is the answer! It’s strange, but: if you think back to mixing colours, orange is opposite shade of blue on the colour wheel, which means that mixed together, the two will cancel each other out – so it’s perfect for those pesky under eye circles! Just use the orange hues on your palette (cream formulas work better) and conceal as you would with your regular concealer. Then, apply foundation to hide any traces of the orangey colour.

Top Tip: This little trick works well for covering up tattoos and blemishes as well (just add a spritz of hairspray over this cover-up to make it stay longer)! For redness, use a green shadow and then apply foundation. Yellow works for any purple/ dark patches. Also, be sure to use a matte powder rather than a shimmery one!

4. Simply Sunkissed!

Using the yellow, orangish and red undertones of your eye shadow palette work really well for adding that bronze sun-kissed touch to your look! It has the same effect as using body shimmer. Bronzers are usually pretty expensive as well, so it makes perfect sense to use what you already have in your makeup bag. Using bronzer on your face is great for amping up your makeup and avoiding looking like your base has washed out the colour from your face.

Top Tip: For a powder shadow, apply with a big, fluffy brush and buff out any excess sparkle with your regular loose base powder. If you are using a cream formula then add some moisturizer to it to dilute the colour, so it looks more natural and gives less of a cakey appearance.

5. Light Up Your Life

ways to use eyeshadow

Using eyeshadow to highlight your cheekbones works really well! The shimmery, luminous appearance adds a radiant glow to your face! Apply to the high points of your face – including your brow bones and the bridge of your nose – as well as your cheek bones. Use a shimmery pink or neutral (skin) coloured shadow, and then blend away!

Top Tip: Try to pick a colour two shades lighter than your natural skin tone for that illuminating effect.

6. Contour Queen

Before actual contouring palettes were introduced into the market, eyeshadows were the perfect substitutes! To enhance the shadow under your cheekbones, and ultimately make them more defined and lend your face some structure. Take a contour or blending brush and sweep a brown shade of eyeshadow up to the temples and into the cheek line. While it may seem very unnatural, once you blend it in it will leave you with a beautifully defined shadow!

Top Tip: Use a colour two shades darker than your natural skin tone, and blend away.

7. Blushing Beauty

ways to use eyeshadow

There are those colours that come in an eyeshadow palette that we’re not always sure how to use! You know, those corally pinkish tones… While they may not work for you in everyday life, they do come in handy as great blush colours! Just dab some eyeshadow on the apple of your cheeks and blend as you would with blush!

Top Tip: Use the lighter and darker shades eyeshadow to contour and highlight your cheekbones, and then use a matte pinkish shade to finish the look off for an extra defined face!

8. DIY Lippy

Making  your own lip gloss couldn’t be easier with eyeshadow! It takes literally two minutes! Make sure you use an eyeshadow that is safe for lips and just mix it in with some vaseline to make a truly unique tint! Plus you can even contour your lips by tapping a tiny amount of light-colored, shimmery shadow onto the centre of your lips to create dimension.

Top Tip: If you have lips that are naturally quite dry, powder eye shadow may dry them out further. Mix your shadow with a heavy-duty moisturizer instead of a balm; this will hydrate and protect your lips.

9. Manicure Mania

ways to use eyeshadow

For a truly unique colour, why not take those extra bright shades of eyeshadow that you have lying around – and aren’t sure whether you’re going to use ever on your eyes – and create your own nail polish?! Just crush up the shadow and carefully mix it in with a clear nail polish!

Top Tip: Remember to apply a top coat over the nail laquer to avoid it chipping away easily!

10. #NailedIt

For a seriously show-stopping manicure, and some fancy nail art, eyeshadow is amazing! You can use a makeup sponge to dab pressed powder over a clear topcoat for an opalescent finish, or sprinkle loose pigment over nearly-dry nails for a more glitter-like effect!

Top Tip: Use a thin brush dipped in gel or cream eyeshadow to paint intricate nail designs on dry polish. Let the eyeshadow set, then seal it with a clear top coat. Voila!

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