LIFE Has Better Plans For You


Life has better plans for you..
Yes you or rather anybody may not agree to this but just try and rewind your Life, perhaps there must be something really bad which must have happened with you but do you just want to go back in the past and delete the scene?? Then today your life would be different, you’ll not be the same who you are right now.. you’ll not be the same strong person you are right now..
That tragic incident is the one which made you stronger and today you’re able to fight against the world!

Maybe for some people the tragedy has still not ended because you’re the one who is not allowing your brain to leave it behind and move on.. maybe right now you’re going through it and all I can tell you is to
Just Keep Calm And Have Patience! Everything,Yes Everything will be fine one day..
You’ll have to trust me for the above lines..

Keep Smiling! πŸ™‚



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