1. actually question is Why you need “religion” to learn “peace”?..We all have so called “brain & mind” to guess what to do & what not to do..religion is not like government where you expect peace in its area as it is not under anyones control & Its teaching are not like court LAWS & there is no one to regulate/to inspect whether these laws are followed properly or not …
    And again it depends on the definition of “peace”…everyone has different definition of “peace”.Peoples before 500 years ago want “peace” as there should be no war in their territories & it is achieved now.. similarly present time, require “peace” in other terms.(And those terms are INFINITE)…SO we cant only blame the religions..

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    • No the question is if everybodyz following their religion then why they are not following peace!
      Oh yes we don’t need religion to follow peace but my friend that is not happening,,I guess those people have dumped their brain somewhere! :p
      If it was so easy then their should not be any religion,any govt. In country,no law no rules.. nothing!!
      But do you think people are going so responsible?!


      • No..”Peace is not depended on how many number of people follow it..It can be broken by a single person even if all the world is following the peace”..& who says that “everybody” follows their religion? as well as “every” religion teaches complete peace?..
        Whenever there is injustice to anyone,even if that injustice had happened in “peaceful” way, but he(to whom injustice had happened) has to fight against that injustice,& we cant set parameters to his fight,& whenever there is fight,there cant be peace..
        And yes It is too much easy to judge,no need of gov. or religion,but as I already said that even a single person can break the “peace” so it is not possible.Gov & religion with the help of laws ,they creates “fear” among the people so they can avoid “harmful activities”..99.99% people dont murder or harassed someone just they have the fear of law,If there is no punishment then everyone will ready to kill anyone..
        So you can blame the Gov. for not having the peace but you cant blame the religion..

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      • Hey I don’t think peace is broken only by one person.. He won’t be able to destroy the world (which is his motive) alone if he’s backed by someone then only he’ll be able to do this..
        By the way thanks for commenting and expressing your views about it..☺

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      • No..I can prove that by infinite no. of means/examples….just take an example.
        A man having revolver wandering in public place & what if he started to shoot everyone on street then will there be the “peace”?..whatever the reason may that doesnt mater,whether he is mad Or he has done it for revenge or for anything else but the reality is peace is broken..

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      • I actually didn’t mean this..
        But it’s ohkay!
        Thank you so much for expressing your views on this topic!
        I really hope you get “Peace” in your Life..

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  2. One person can not answer this question accurately. Because it’s a question of a greater people, and a number of reasons.

    One reason is fear. We fear what we don’t expect and accept. Another factor is hate.

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  3. There are people who become fanatics and they take words and change their meaning to what they believe would fit their belief. I think if we spent our time treating others the way we would want to be treated, it would all be different. Also, they do have cults which they believe theirs as THE religion, not based on peace. 😐

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