20 Interesting Facts About Twitter We Bet You Didn’t Know

Life’s short. And that’s why we should have multiple social networking accounts. Because hey, ‘they’re free and always will be’, right? Take Twitter for example. This microblogging website has been enchanting people the world over ever since it was founded in the year 2006. So much so, that your favourite celebrity now seems a breath away. All thanks to Twitter.

Now I’d done an amazing Facebook facts post recently. But then I felt a little guilty about ignoring poor Twitter. Why should Facebook have all the fun? Thus, here are 20 amazing facts about Twitter that’ll blow your mind! Check ’em out.

Designs done by: Lakshya Vij,Source

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    • Raymond!!!
      Thank god for making me realise oh yeah you’re still alive! Where were you?? (Yeah ik you are alive and you used to or rather still publish your post and I used to read them)
      If you remember you told me to expand this by merging it with Twitter,and I did!
      I told you in one of your post’s comments but I didn’t get your reply!!
      Ohkay wateva now I am there on Twitter with the username @Akiraa_bdb
      I’ll be glad to connect with you on Twitter!

      Keep smiling!
      P.S maybe I over reacted and I’m sorry for that. But it was like a long lost friend has come to my Blog! 😉😄😊


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