Key To Peace Of Mind



It is our general nature that we usually give our key to happiness to someone we trust,but in most cases the other person easily looses the key. But for that person it was just a peice of metal which has been lost and its basically nothing for them,but for us it was that special key which could open our locks! And it is very important according to me that the locks should be open up asap.

We just give up on our peace of mind which is unproductive but is necessary for living a Healthy Life.. no matter how much healthy you’re physically but at the end of the day your Mental Strength is what is going to give you productive outcomes. Yes obviously I do agree that physical strength is necessary but for me mental stability is of great importance.

Maybe it is our FAULT  that we just TRUST the most random people we have met and very instantly we just give our keys to them and eventually they fail to keep it with themselves.
So I say that we shouldn’t trust people Easily and yes very important is that we should always always trust our Gut Feeling..
Trust me, sometimes your Instincts can do Wonders!!

P.S I know this was kinda a long post and I usually don’t write this much but I don’t know it just came out today!
Posting after really long time.. felt great while writing! Now I know this is kinda weird but then I am a Proud Weirdo!!

Thanks you all for the love and support you gave me when I was not there and I just love you,beautiful Soul!!! 😍

Sending you lots of Love,
Akiraa 🙂

Keep Smiling! 🙂


  1. Well done…a bit of who u r finally revealed…I’m proud of u..really I am..but regarding handing your keys out, I learned loooong ago your keys belong only to u and no one can help u unlock your locks..that is up to u always


  2. I love this post so much and I can connect.

    When you give someone else the key to your happiness, you will naturally become lazy at Being Your Own happiness, because you would expect to be happy Only by reason of the person with the key.
    This for me is the reason alot of us aren’t happy. IT ISN’T THAT WE CAN’T, BUT WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO MAKE US HAPPY

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    • Hey thanks a lot and glad you could easily connect to it. Yes exactly to the point we become lazy to get our keys back and then we say that it’s ok to be sad but actually it’s not at all ohkay to not to have our keys with us.
      Yes we just keep on waiting till we are heartbroken.

      Keep Smiling and take care! 🙂

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